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Dive into the Oceanverse

Where gaming meets ocean conservation

Immersive Ocean World

My Ocean Twin

My Ocean Twin harnesses the power of the metaverse for ocean conservation, creating a digital twin of the world's oceans that educates, engages, and empowers a global community to make a difference.

Join us in a virtual world that mirrors our oceans' beauty and challenges, turning every click and quest into real-world impact. Adopt your part of the ocean, embark on missions, and see the tangible difference you make.

Cleaning up the Ocean with the Metaverse

Our Mission

Driven by a deep commitment to the oceans, we created My Ocean Twin to offer a creative solution to marine conservation, leveraging the boundless possibilities of the metaverse to spark global change.

The ‘Oceanverse’ is divided into geolocated plots, each corresponding to a real-world ocean area affected by plastic waste

Every virtual plot directly funds actual ocean cleanup and prevention efforts with certified proof of impact

The digital twin that cleans up the ocean

My Ocean Twin


Choose a digital twin of real-life ocean locations in need of conservation

Adopt an Ocean Plot


Engage in interactive quests and games that directly contribute to real-world cleaning efforts and marine life preservation

Play and Conserve


Track the tangible impact of your actions in the Oceanverse through updates and reports from our partnered NGOs. Witness your virtual play translate into real ocean revival

Drive Real-World Impact


Get involved - Opportunities for Engagement

Learn how you can contribute to the mission through gameplay, adoption, and advocacy



Explore partnership opportunities to amplify your impact and engage in meaningful corporate responsibility



Partner with us to bring your conservation efforts into the digital age. Utilize the Oceanverse platform to showcase your projects, gain support, and collaborate with a global community passionate about ocean healt



  • What is My Ocean Twin?
    My Ocean Twin is a digital platform where virtual reality and marine conservation intersect, allowing users to adopt digital plots of the ocean. These plots correspond to real-world locations, with the aim to support and fund ocean clean-up and marine conservation efforts.
  • How does My Ocean Twin work?
    Users can purchase digital plots of ocean within the Oceanverse, our virtual reality space. Each purchase directly contributes to funding real-world ocean cleanup and conservation initiatives, partnering with reputable NGOs and organizations dedicated to marine health.
  • Is My Ocean Twin suitable for all ages?
    Yes, My Ocean Twin is designed to be accessible and engaging for all ages, especially targeting digital-savvy generations who are passionate about making a positive environmental impact.
  • How can I get involved with My Ocean Twin?
    You can get involved by adopting your own ocean plot, participating in our digital Oceanverse, or becoming a partner organization. Visit our "Get Involved" section to learn more about each opportunity.
  • Do I need special equipment to explore the Oceanverse?
    While the Oceanverse can be experienced to its fullest with VR equipment, users can still engage with and explore their ocean plots using standard web browsers on computers or mobile devices.
  • Can I gift an ocean plot to someone else?
    Absolutely! Ocean plots make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, symbolizing a shared commitment to marine conservation. You can gift a plot directly through our platform.
  • How does My Ocean Twin ensure real-world impact?
    We partner with leading marine conservation NGOs and organizations that conduct on-the-ground cleanup and preservation activities. A portion of each plot purchase is directly donated to these efforts, and plot owners receive updates on the impact made.
  • Can organizations collaborate with My Ocean Twin?
    Yes, we welcome collaborations with NGOs, educational institutions, and businesses looking to make a difference. Partners can get involved through funding, content contributions, or by integrating their conservation projects within the Oceanverse.
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